Technical Competitiveness

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Willings will lead the market by developing excellent customer-satisfied products continuously
with insight, creative ideas, and unceasing exertion R&D capabilities.

Technical Competitiveness

Multi-String Type
  • The only technology in Korea
Competitor(Central Type) Willings(Multi-String Type)

Full stop when shaded

Only partial stop when shaded

  • Willings' products have higher operational efficiency compared to central type inverters,
    operate by independently controlled 250kW inverter panels.
  • Even when shaded on one string, the power generation of the entire system
    does not decrease at the same time like central type inverters.
    Only the faulty inverter panel stops operation during maintenance due to individual control,
    and the rest of the inverter panels can operate normally.
Modularization of active components
  • Effective maintenance and efficient post management
  • Power modules are configured by modularizing active components.
    To facilitate connection of power modules, pluggable connectors, which are easy to disconnect
    and connect, shorten disassembly and assembly times.
    In addition, the power modules can be fixed in a refurbished modules.
Multi-Level Switching Technology
Competitor Willings
2레벨 대비 장점

Advantages over Level 2

  • High frequency reduction

  • Efficiency increase

  • Noise reduction

  • Leakage current reduction

Multi Level Topology
  • When switched at switching frequency 10kHz to 3 levels

Minimize 20-30% loss

  • Switching operation is essential for converting DC into AC, and switching
    operation in two stages, high and low voltage was common,
    but generating one more intermediate voltage step results in a variety of gains,
    reducing the amount of noise resulting from the smaller variation in voltage.
Induction Heating Technology

It heats the materials up by converting electrical energy into thermal energy by electromagnetic induction
and widely used in IH electric rice cookers, induction ranges, etc in addition to industrial use

Reliable operation even with unstable system power and load fluctuations

Using the high speed DSP (Digital Signal Processor), it operates reliably
through real-time control even in unstable system power and load fluctuations

Embedded protection circuit operation and fault diagnosis function

By embedding high voltage, low voltage, over current power distortion, over resonant voltage protection circuit,
fault diagnosis function, and fault history function, analyzing and responding to the filed quality are available

Apply Active damping circuit

Apply an active clamping circuit using a zener clamping method to limit high resonant voltage occurring sequentially

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